Symptoms for GP / Family doctor

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Blood pressure less than 80mmHg or "unrecordable" by machine
Bruises on body but not the forehead
Buttock pain
Cold sweats
Craving or eating non food items
Difficulty buttoning clothes
Dry Mouth
Facial flushing
Feel there is less saliva
Feeling cold or shivering
Feeling tired or fatigued
Groin tenderness
Hard to wake up in the morning
High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Increased appetite
Less active recently
Loss of appetite
Low blood pressure
Muscle pain
Muscle tenderness in limbs
Need to change of clothes due to night sweats
No deep sleep
Nose or gum bleeding
Recent weight loss
Swelling on any part of the body
Swollen lymph nodes
Tend to things in the mouth
Tired and unmotivated
Unintentional weight loss
Verbal or physical outbursts for minor things
Whole body pain