About Ubie AI Symptom Checker

Even today, when information is readily available on the Internet, it is still difficult to make appropriate decisions about medical care.

We want to support everyone to find the right medical treatment at the right time. With this in mind, "Ubie - AI symptom checker" was created by doctors and developers.

By answering questions from the AI about your symptoms, you can get information regarding the diseases that are highly related to your symptoms.

The algorithm of "Ubie - AI symptom checker" is supervised by more than 50 doctors in various specialties, and is used in actual medical practice. Currently 3M+ users all over the world use this service every month.

"Ubie - AI symptom checker" supports your health and safety by bridging the gap between you and the right medical care at the right time, and eases your anxiety, worries, and pain about medical care.