How Ubie works

Ubie’s core data and technology is based around over 50,000 peer-reviewed international publications and a real time Artificial Intelligence model. This allows Ubie to have a comprehensive disease and symptom coverage with over 1,100 medical conditions and 3,500 question data types in the Clinical Database.

This Clinical Database is consistently reviewed and updated by a team of independent international experts to provide uptodate and appropriate content. Ubie’s teams of medical experts and data scientists work in concert to aid the database and system to learn and improve. This constant cycle of learning and improvements allows Ubie’s Ai technology to provide a personalized questionnaire, linked to appropriate, evidence based medical information.

In over 900 medical institutions in Japan and Singapore, Ubie’s AI technology has been powering productivity gains, informing clinical decision making and improving cost savings for clinicians and administrators. Ubie’s Ai powered symptom checker also empowers end users. After answering around 20 questions, users can discover related diseases, more detailed information about these possible conditions and also be guided to access appropriate medical care.