Medical Content Editorial Policy

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On this page, we outline the policies, systems, and processes Ubie employs in editing medical content, as well as the commitments we make to our users.

Our Policy

Striking a Balance between Precision and Clarity

Even if information about symptoms or diseases is medically correct, if it is not sufficiently understandable for the reader and does not match their search needs, the reader will not be able to take appropriate action with confidence.

Conversely, even if the content is understandable to the reader, if it contains medically inaccurate information, it becomes difficult to reach the appropriate medical care.

Ubie's mission is to guide individuals to appropriate medical care. We tackle challenges like "complex professional content" and "difficulty discerning correct information". Motivated by the desire to provide medical information in an easily understandable format to as many patients as possible, we launched this service.

Our Promise

  • We provide content that allows users to quickly find answers to their questions.

  • We disseminate accurate and reliable information supervised by medical doctors.

  • We strive to maintain neutrality and comply with various laws and regulations.

Editorial Process

We meticulously execute our content creation process by following these steps. Each step is assigned to a responsible individual, ensuring thorough quality control. Our goal is to deliver content that is not only prompt and reliable but also accurate, instilling trust in our users.

Step 1

The content manager creates a content production plan and shares it with the production staff.

Step 2

The production staff conducts research and selection of questions users want to know, tailored to the targeted symptoms and diseases.

Step 3

Physicians from each specialty write and supervise the content for each symptom and disease.

Step 4

Content writers perform proofreading and pre-publication checks, then proceed with the submission and publication of the content.

Step 5

We, as a team, continue to review the content post-publication based on feedback from users. Should there be any discrepancies, we promptly make the necessary corrections. Additionally, we regularly perform updates and expansions to the information provided.

Supervising Doctors

Ubie's medical content is curated by a team of over 50 supervising physicians, each holding specialized qualifications in their respective medical fields.

Maxwell J. Nanes, DO

Maxwell J. Nanes, DO

Emergency Medicine

Waukesha Memorial Hospital, Waukesha Wisconsin, USA

Caroline M. Doan, DO

Caroline M. Doan, DO

Internal Medicine

Signify Health

Benjamin Kummer, MD

Benjamin Kummer, MD


Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Charles Carlson, DO, MS

Charles Carlson, DO, MS


U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Dale Mueller, MD

Dale Mueller, MD

Cardiothoracic Surgery, Vascular Surgery

Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery Associates

Ravi P. Chokshi, MD

Ravi P. Chokshi, MD

Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBGYN), Critical Care

Penn State Health

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Further Details

For an overview of our Medical AI's extensive development process, we invite you to peruse the detailed information provided below.

Please refer to the following for information on the medical evidence upon which Ubie's clinical data is based.


The Ubie AI Symptom Checker is a service intended for the provision of information and does not constitute medical practice by physicians or healthcare professionals. If medical consultation is needed, please consult a doctor or medical institution. While our service strives to ensure reliability and accurate information dissemination, we do not guarantee the content's completeness. If you find any errors in the information, please contact us using the information below.

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