How Ubie's Medical AI Works

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Continuous Monitoring by Medical Experts

Ubie's proprietary algorithm, developed in 2017 shortly after the company was founded, emerged from closely blending the expertise of medical professionals with sophisticated artificial intelligence. Since then, the algorithm has undergone continuous enhancement and meticulous supervision by a team of over 50 preeminent medical experts. Simultaneously, it has been refined using insights gleaned from Ubie's distinctive real-world data, which has been trained across more than 1,500 authentic healthcare providers.

Clinical Data Sources

Synergizing Professional Supervision with Patient Voices

Our team recognizes that achieving medical accuracy while satisfying user comprehension is essential for the early detection and treatment of diseases, and is the most critical factor in fulfilling our mission. To realize this delicate balance, we not only rely on exceptional supervising physicians for content review but also commit to co-creating with patients through continuous interviews. For insight into the experiences we've been able to create as a result, please see the following Patients' Testimonials.

Privacy, Security, and US Compliance

We maintain transparency in all aspects of our operations. We consider privacy and security to be essential elements for the fulfillment of our mission. Below, we have outlined how we comply with United States regulations and related legal requirements.


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