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Abdominal bloating
Abdominal discomfort
Lump or swelling in stomach
Abdominal pain
Abnormal period length or flow
Strange behaviour
Too much or too little tears
Abnormal periods
Accidental alcohol intake
Accidentally passed motion or leaked stool
Pain at the back of ankle
Pimples / Acne
Affected area is warm to touch
Hair loss
Always nervous
Tired and unmotivated
Anal itch
Pain over the anus
Low red blood cell count
Short tempered
Ankle pain
Eyesight is warped or distorted
Front of neck is tender
Strange speech or behaviour
Area of skin that is rough and hard
Arm cramps
Arm pain
Arm paralysis
Arm swelling
Fluid retention in abdomen
Gurgling or rumbling sounds in stomach
Irregular pulse
Armpit pain
Back pain
Becoming less responsive or less expressive
Tend to do socially unacceptable things
Insect or animal bites, scratches or stings
Black, shiny stool
Bladder pain
Blank out or stare into space for a few seconds
Bleeding during or after sex
Bleeding from the anus
Gum bleeding when brushing teeth
Bleeding in two or more nails such as red dots/lines
Eyelids keep twitching
Blocked ears
Blood in stool
Blood in the semen
Low blood pressure
Blood pressure less than 80mmHg or "unrecordable" by machine
Blood in breastmilk
Bluish skin lumps or bumps
Blurred vision
Difference in nipple heights or breat appearance
Breast lump
Breast pain
Breasts feel stretched, tight or full
Bumps or swellings around the vulva
Buttock pain
Calf pain
Can't control drinking alcohol
Difficulty writing out words
Neck lump
Change in mood or alertness
Change in stool color
Change in stool consistency
Change in stool smell
Abnormal vaginal discharge
Change in tooth color
Curd-like vaginal discharge
Chest lump
Chest pain
Child is developing slower than his or her peers
Child is speaking less
Choking while eating
Cloudy urine
Feeling cold or shivering
Hands and feet are cold
Cold sweats
Decrease in Ambition / Motivation
Bloodshot eyes
Red, itchy and painful eyes
Eye redness
Constantly in fear of the next panic attack
Very yellow urine
Convulsions on the face
Cracked corners of the mouth
Craving alcohol
Currently on antidepressants
Excessive sleepiness in the day
Loss of interest in hobbies or going out
Less active recently
Decreased sex drive
Don't need to sleep
Decreased fetal movements
Deep pain
Self-harm / Wrist-cutting
Feeling down
Difficulty speaking due to pain
Feel breathless
Difficulty buttoning clothes
Difficulty standing up after sitting
Cannot chew well due to pain
Can't open mouth fully
Difficulty opening mouth due to pain
Hard to open mouth
Difficulty sticking the tongue out
Hard to swallow food or water
Unable to turn over when lying down
Need to strain/exert to pass urine
Discolored tooth
Slurred speech
Brain not functioning / Brain fog
Double vision
Pus from the urethra
Drooling from one side of the mouth
Drug abuse affecting social life and finances.
Drug abuse with loss of restraint
Drug withdrawal symptoms
Dry eyes
Dry Mouth
Hard to pronounce words
Pain when passing urine
Less urine with pain
Ear pain
Early puberty
Easier to feel full
Easy bruising
Swelling on any part of the body
Elated mood
Elbow pain
Swollen lymph nodes
Epsiodes of labor-like pain
Hard to get or keep erection
Skin sores or ulcers
Lip sores or erosions
Red skin
Feeling extremely happy
Excessive burping
Excessive spending
Expressionless face
Eye discharge or "gunk"
Eye fatigue
Red patches in eyes
Itchy eyes
Cannot move eyes
Eye pain
Eye swelling
Drooping eyelids
Eyes are more sunken than usual
Eyes cannot move outward and cross
Eyes tremble or shake
Facial flushing
Facial pain
Can't move face
Numbness or abnormal sensation over face
Losing consciousness
Fall from a height of 1m or more
Fear of germs
Fear of needles
Less interest or pleasure in activities
Feeling tired or fatigued
Feel uneasy and restless
Feeling detached from myself
Feeling disconnected from reality
Feeling more sensitive or irritable
Warm joints
Feeling of urine remaining in my bladder
Feeling faint
Feel uncomfortable without alcohol
Feeling that something is coming out of the vagina
Feel something in the throat
Frustration / Restlessness
Feelings of grief
Feelings of guilt
Feelings of hopelessness
Feelings of jealousy
Pain around the vulva or vagina
Fine crackling when touching ths skin
Fine tremor of hands and fingers
Fingernails or toenails appear white with "ground glass" appearance
Flashbacks or "blackouts" due to drug use
Seeing flashes of light
Flight of ideas
Tiny dots or objects in vision
Foamy urine
Accidentally swallowed something
Something went into my eye
Foreign object in the ear
Foreign object in the nose
Poor memory
Foul-smelling vaginal discharge
Freezing while walking
Frequent falls
Bloodstains in mucous
Genital ulcers
Lots of grey or white hair
Green stools
Groin pain
Groin tenderness
Bloody or red urine
Guilty about drug abuse
Frequent feelings of guilt or worthlessness
Gum problems
Gum bleeding
Red gums
Enlarged male breasts
Bad breath
Hand or finger pain
Hand cramps
Hand sifftening
Hard to control drinking alcohol
Hard to cut down drug use
Hard to focus my vision
Hard to wake up in the morning
Dressing and behaviour have become sloppy
Having trance like seizure
Clicking or popping when opening the mouth
Hearing is more sensitive than usual
Hearing things
Heartbeat fast
Heel pain
Bruises on body but not the forehead
Frequent hiccups
High blood pressure
Excessive hair growth
Injury to head
Hoarse voice
Hot flashes and sweating
Sensitive mouth
Not sweating as much
Hypomania or mania preceding a depressive episode
I couldn't understand what others were saying
Difficulty in walking
More restless than usual affecting speech and actions
Increase in vaginal discharge
Increased appetite
Easily irritable
Increasing contractions in pregnancy
Skin hardening
Difficulty getting pregnant
Groin area redness
Bleeding between menstrual cycles
Mouth pain
Sleep during the day and awake at night
Uncontrollable movements
Involuntary movements of the legs
Involuntary muscle jerks
Pain when pressing the breast
Itching of the penis
Urethral itch or discomfort
Itchy ears
Itchy scrotum
Yellow skin or eyes
Jaw pain after chewing
Jaw pain
Jaw swelling
Bleeding inside joint
Joint pain
Difficulty moving the joint(s)
Can't bend knee
Knee pain
Lack of inhibitions
Decrease in urine volume
Breast milk outside pregnancy or as a man
Something is stuck in throat
Leg cramps
Libido (sex drive) is higher than usual
Thick, leathery skin
Lighter patches of skin
Muscle tenderness in limbs
Hot hands or feet
Pain in the arms and/or legs
Bumps or lumps on the lips
Lip pain or itch
Pale looking
Loss of appetite
Loss of self-confidence
Lost interest in your surroundings (e.g. people, society)
Lower back pain
Lower energy levels
Lowest recorded body temperature under 36℃
Lump in the space between the genital and anus
Lump on the eyelid
Lump on the penis
Lump under or around the nail
Pain on side of ankle
Passing gas more than usual
Male pattern body hair or deepening of voice
Feel I am special or powerful
Painful menstrual cramps
Mental stress or exhaustion
Recent changes in mental state
Messy hair
Milky-white urine
Mixed manic and depressive features
Mole with hair
Mole with increasing size
Moles on the skin and lining of the mouth
Mood swings
Morning stiffness in joints
Multiple major life events
Hard to bend joints due to stiff muscles
Muscle pain
Change in nail colour
Nail pain
Change in nail shape
Nails turned green
Thin narrow stool
Nose or gum bleeding
Runny nose
Blocked nose
Nasal voice
Nausea or vomiting
Neck pain or stiffness
Neck swelling
Can't see in the dark
Need to change of clothes due to night sweats
Nipple rash, redness, discharge, pain or itch
Sensitive nipples
Nipple points inward or lie flat
No deep sleep
Late or incomplete puberty
Pass urine at night
Nose pain
Number phobia
Numbness or abnormal sensation
Numb fingers
Face or mouth numbness
Leg or foot numbness
Numbness of chest, tummy or back
Obsessive and compulsive thoughts
Hit my eye
Abnormal sense of smell
Spots in mouth
Oral itch
Mouth ulcer
Ear discharge
Out-of-body experience
Pain at the start of urination
Pain from the belly button travels to the left/right groin
Pain in the back of the hand
Hip pain
Pain in the left half of the body
Pain in the penis
Pain in the region between the scrotum and the anus
Pain in the right half of the body
Pain in the space between the genital and anus
Toe pain
Whole body pain
Finger joint pain
Pain over the top of the foot
Pain when chewing / brushing teeth
Pain when I tap on my backbone with a closed fist
Pain when swallowing
Painful corners of the mouth
Pain during sex
Painless separation of the nail
White, pellet-like stools
Palm pain
Feel the heart is pounding
Feel like somebody is targeting me
Swelling below the ear/s
Performance anxiety
Genital itch
Hands and feet turn pale and blue
Persistent, repeated actions
Personality change
Throat redness
Eyes are sensitive to bright light
Craving or eating non food items
Pins and needles all over my body
Concentration is worsening
Scars or marks from rash/wound
Backdrip of mucous into throat
Problems associated with drug abuse
Prominent jugular veins
Bulging eyes
Pubic pain
Throbbing lump in tummy
Pus from around the anus or anus itself
Lumps containing pus
Racing thoughts
Fingers / toes turn purplish-red when in the cold
Recent weight loss
Red dots in the mouth
Red or yellow skin lumps
Hot swollen red joints
Redness or swelling of the urethra
Redness in the affected area
Lip redness
Feel there is less saliva
Repeated behaviors due to unwanted thoughts and fears
Repetitive movements
Uncomfortable sensation in legs when sleeping
Back pain that shoots to the legs
Scrotal or testicle pain
Unable to completely empty the bowels
Sensation of water-breaking
Shin pain
Shorter than other children of similar age
Shoulder pain
Shoulder stiffness
Abnormal skin
Thin skin that bruises easily
Dark spots on skin
Skin depressions or holes
Dry skin
Skin is broken from scratching
Thick and rough skin
Skin Itching
Skin is moist, soft and breaking down
Red spots on the skin
Scaly, flaky skin
Breathing stops when I sleep
Slow movements
Slow pulse
Slow Speech
Pain over the soles of feet
Sore throat
Spasms of limbs
Joints creak when moving
Joint stiffness
Change in stool
Stuck on a topic, repeating things
Lumps under the skin
Too painful to lie on back
May have a fracture
Painful red-purple bumps on fingers
Swelling under left lower ribs
Vertical bleeding or red lines under the nails
Swelling around the neck
Swelling in the groin region
Throat swelling
Groin swelling when standing up
Affected area is swollen
Swelling of the penis
Swelling under the right lower ribs
Swelling under the right ribs
Swollen blood vessels on the belly
Symptoms occur at the start of the period
Irritable or tremors after stopping alcohol
Feel like I need to keep talking
Problems with taste
Tend to things in the mouth
Testicles shrunk
Swollen scrotum or testicles
Hands and feet became larger
Thigh pain
Scalp hair became thin and soft
Difficulty gathering thoughts
Irresistible urge to make small movements
Ringing in the ears
Hearing difficulty
Toe numbness or tingling
Toe swelling
Tongue pain
Trembling of fingers or whole body
Tummy wound or injury
Tumor on the back
Unable to speak or using incorrect words
Unequal pupils
Unintentional weight loss
Tearing from one eye
Unusual behavior or actions when sleeping
Numb arm
Urine flow starts and stops
Frequent urination
Leak urine
Sudden need to pass urine
Urine with unusual smell
Small stone came out when passing urine
Varicose veins
Verbal or physical outbursts for minor things
Purple rash
Visibly enlarged blood vessels on the scrotum
Blind spots or blind areas in vision
Poor vision
Deeper, lower voice
Vomited blood
Urine stream is weaker than before
Weakness in arms or legs
Wedge-shaped tooth defect
Unintentional weight gain
White, cheese-like spots on the tonsils
White spots on the mouth surface or tongue
White or pale stools
White, cloudy and thickened nails
Whitish, curd-like substances in the tongue/mouth
Worried about body odor
Wrist pain