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Published on: 6/11/2024

Is there a way to cure a hoarse voice in a day?

There is no guaranteed remedy to cure hoarseness or loss of your voice in a day.

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Temporary hoarseness is most commonly caused by inflammation and swelling of the vocal cords. It may take up to 1-2 weeks for the vocal cord swelling to improve. While there is no proven way to help speed up the process, some things that are probably helpful include:

  1. Voice rest - The vibration of vocal cords against one another leads to sound production for speaking or singing. The louder you speak, the more the vocal cords vibrate against one another. Therefore, speaking or singing loudly for long periods of time can irritate the vocal cords and cause persistent inflammation.
  2. Prevent dry throat - Avoid drying out your throat by using a mask. You may also consider a humidifier, drinking plenty of water or using a throat lozenge that wil stimulate saliva production.

Much less commonly, other diseases can lead to voice hoarseness like vocal cord tumors or acid reflux. While these causes are much less common, talk to your health care provider if your voice hoarsness persists or does not improve over time.


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