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Learn more about Acute mesenteric ischemia

Content updated on Sep 20, 2022

What is acute mesenteric ischemia?

Acute mesenteric ischemia is a life-threatening condition where there is block of the blood flow to the intestine due to a clot or fatty plaque build up in the blood vessel. This results in tissue death and potentially death of the patient if not treated promptly.

Symptoms of acute mesenteric ischemia

  • Abdominal pain

  • Pain around the belly button area

  • Intermittent, crampy abdominal pain

  • Stomachache or tummy pain that doesn't get better

  • Sharp abdominal pain

  • Child's stomach is intolerably or unbearably painful

  • Nausea or vomiting

  • Loss of appetite

Questions your doctor may ask to check for acute mesenteric ischemia

Your doctor may ask these questions to diagnose acute mesenteric ischemia

  • Do you have abdominal pain (stomach ache)?

  • Do you have pain around your belly button?

  • Do you have an abdominal (tummy) pain that comes and goes?

  • Do you have continuous abdominal/stomach pain?

  • Did you have a sharp, stabbing-like abdominal (tummy) pain?

Treatment for acute mesenteric ischemia

Acute mesenteric ischemia is a medical emergency requiring hospitalization. Surgery may be required to remove the block in the blood vessel and/ or to repair or remove the damaged part of the intestine. Antibiotics may be used to treat or prevent infection. Medications to prevent clots from forming, dissolve clots, or dilate blood vessels may be used through an IV.

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Reviewed By:

Maxwell J. Nanes

Maxwell J. Nanes, DO (Emergency department)

Aiko Yoshioka

Aiko Yoshioka, MD (Gastroenterology)

From our team of 50+ doctors

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