Change in nail colour

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Yukiko Ueda

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Content updated on May 23, 2022


It indicates when healthy fingernails begin to change color.

When to See a Doctor

Seek professional care if you experience any of the following symptoms

  • Edema

  • Erythema

Possible Causes

  • Onychogryphosis

    This is a condition where the affected nail has a yellow-brown thickening and elongation with an increased curvature. It is more frequent amongst the elderly.

  • Subungual bleeding

    This is a purplish discoloration of the nails as a result from bleeding under the nail. This is caused by direct trauma.

  • Onycholysis

    This is a painless condition where the nail is abnormally lifted off the finger/toe.

  • Ingrown toenail
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Psoriasis (except for pustular psoriasis)
  • Erythroderma
  • Diabetic Gangrene
  • Paronychia

  • Polymyositis / dermatomyositis

Questions your doctor may ask about this symptom

Your doctor may ask these questions to check for this symptom

  • Has your nail color changed?

  • Do you have nail pain?

  • Has your nail shape changed?

  • Do you have vertical bleeding or red lines under your nails?

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Yukiko Ueda

Medically Reviewed By:

Yukiko Ueda, MD


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