Symptoms of Skin / Hair / Nails

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Abnormal skin
Blue bump on skin
Bruise easily
Bruises on body but not the forehead
Bump under fingernail
Change in nail colour
Dark spots on skin
Deformed nails
Dry skin
Fine crackling when touching ths skin
Gray hair
Green nails
Ground glass nails
Growing mole
Hair loss
Hard skin
Insect or animal bites, scratches or stings
Itchy skin
Leathery neck
Lighter patches of skin
Lumps under the skin
Macerated skin
Messy hair
Mole with hair
Moles on the skin and lining of the mouth
Nail pain
Nail separating from nail bed
Not sweating as much
Painful red-purple bumps on fingers
Purple rash
Red lines in nails
Red lines under the nails
Red or purple spots on the skin
Red or yellow skin lumps
Red skin
Rough, hard skin
Scaling skin
Scalp hair became thin and soft
Scars or marks from rash/wound
Skin depressions or holes
Skin is broken from scratching
Skin ulcer
Thick and rough skin
Thin skin that bruises easily
White, cloudy and thickened nails