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Learn more about Photosensitivity

Content updated on 2022-06-02

What is photosensitivity?

A condition where the skin is extremely sensitive to sunlight and ultraviolet rays. It can be caused by drugs and autoimmune disease (body's immune system attacking its own cells).

Symptoms related to photosensitivity

  • Redness in sun-exposed areas of skin

  • Skin abnormality

  • Skin redness or red bumpy rashes

  • Affected area is warm to touch

  • Redness where the medicated patch was applied

  • Blisters

  • Skin problem on the chest, tummy or back

  • Skin Itching

Questions your doctor may ask to check for photosensitivity

Your doctor may ask these questions to diagnose photosensitivity

  • Do you have redness on the sun-exposed areas of your skin?

  • Do you have any skin problems?

  • Do you have red skin or red spots on the skin?

  • Is the affected area of your body hot to touch?

  • Is the skin where the medicated patch was applied reddish in color?

Treatment for photosensitivity

Treatment depends on the cause. Creams and painkillers can help relieve symptoms. In the meantime, avoiding sunlight and wearing sunscreen will prevent symptoms from worsening.

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Sanshiro Kato

Medically Reviewed By:

Sanshiro Kato, MD

Emergency department

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