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Yukiko Ueda

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People with these symptoms also use Ubie's symptom checker to find possible causes

  • My thigh burned at low temperature

  • My right hand got burned

  • My right knee got burned

  • Burned epigastric region

  • Total burned area larger than the surface area of the back

  • In the area that was burnt, the hair break off easily

  • Size of burnt area is smaller than my palm

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Content updated on May 23, 2022

Possible Causes

  • First degree burn

    Burn of the superficial layer of the skin. The skin is red, warm and painful.

Related Serious Diseases

  • Third degree burn

    Third degree burns, or full-thickness burns, are burns that destroy the skin and may damage the underlying tissue. They are more severe than first or second degree burns and always require immediate medical care.

  • Second degree burn

Questions your doctor may ask about this symptom

Your doctor may ask these questions to check for this symptom

  • Did you sustain any burns?

  • In the area that was burnt, does the hair break off easily?

  • Is the total area of your burn larger than your back?

  • Is the area of your burn smaller than your palm?

  • Did you get a sunburn?

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Yukiko Ueda

Medically Reviewed By:

Yukiko Ueda, MD


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