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Learn more about Vasculitis syndrome (including cryoglobulinemia)

Content updated on Sep 20, 2022

What is vasculitis syndrome (including cryoglobulinemia)?

A condition where the body's immune system attacks blood vessels throughout the body, causing inflammation. There are many different types of vasculitis, each with its own triggers including infection, new medications, and cancers.

Symptoms of vasculitis syndrome (including cryoglobulinemia)

  • Headache

  • Joint pain even when resting

  • Red spots on the skin

  • Bruising easily

  • Chest discomfort with exercise

  • Runny nose

  • Lumps under the skin

  • Fever

Questions your doctor may ask to check for vasculitis syndrome (including cryoglobulinemia)

Your doctor may ask these questions to diagnose vasculitis syndrome (including cryoglobulinemia)

  • Do you have headaches or does your head feel heavy?

  • Do you have joint pain even when you are at rest?

  • Do you have small red dots which look like bleeding under the skin?

  • Do you bleed easily, even due to minor injuries?

  • Do you have chest tightness when you exercise?

Treatment for vasculitis syndrome (including cryoglobulinemia)

Anti-inflammatory medications like steroids may be given to reduce inflammation. The cause also needs to be investigated and treated.

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Diseases related to Vasculitis syndrome (including cryoglobulinemia)

Reviewed By:

Kaito Nakamura

Kaito Nakamura, MD (Rheumatology & Allergy)

From our team of 50+ doctors

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