Symptoms for Ear, nose, throat (ENT)

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Abnormal sense of smell
Abnormal vaginal discharge
Accidentally swallowed something
Backdrip of mucous into throat
Blocked ears
Blocked nose
Bloodstains in mucous
Breathing stops when I sleep
Cannot chew well due to pain
Clicking or popping when opening the mouth
Deeper, lower voice
Difficulty speaking due to pain
Ear discharge
Ear pain
Excessive sleepiness in the day
Feel something in the throat
Foreign object in the ear
Foreign object in the nose
Hard to open mouth
Hearing difficulty
Hoarse voice
Itchy ears
Jaw pain
Jaw pain after chewing
Jaw swelling
Nasal voice
Nose pain
Pain when chewing / brushing teeth
Pain when swallowing
Problems with taste
Ringing in the ears
Runny nose
Something is stuck in throat
Sore throat
Swelling below the ear/s
Throat redness
Throat swelling
White, cheese-like spots on the tonsils