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Learn more about Tuberous sclerosis

Content updated on Sep 20, 2022

What is tuberous sclerosis?

A rare disease (caused by genetic mutations) that causes non-cancerous tumors or growths in the brain and other organs. Signs and symptoms may vary widely depending on the severity and location of the tumor.

Symptoms of tuberous sclerosis

  • Skin abnormality

  • Skin problem on the face

  • Both cheeks have similar red, flesh-colored tiny bumps

  • Lump under or around the nail

  • Many lumps appearing on the skin

  • Loss of tooth near the base resulting in a wedge shaped

  • Recent changes in mental state

  • Change in nail color

Questions your doctor may ask to check for tuberous sclerosis

Your doctor may ask these questions to diagnose tuberous sclerosis

  • Do you have any skin problems?

  • Do you have any skin problems on the face?

  • Do both your cheeks have similar red, flesh-colored tiny bumps?

  • Do you have a lump under or around the nail?

  • Do you have many lumps on your body?

Treatment for tuberous sclerosis

There is currently no cure for tuberous sclerosis. Treatment is aimed at controlling the symptoms, an example being anti-seizure medications to help control seizures in tuberous sclerosis.

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Reviewed By:

Caroline M. Doan

Caroline M. Doan, DO (Internal medicine)

Yukiko Ueda

Yukiko Ueda, MD (Dermatology)

From our team of 50+ doctors

Just 3 minutes.
Developed by doctors.

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