Anal Itch

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Content updated on Sep 6, 2022

About the symptom

Pruritus ani (anal pruritus) descibes an itchy sensation in the area around the anus. It has many possible causes such as skin conditions, excessive washing and hemorrhoids.

When to see a doctor

Seek professional care if you experience any of the following symptoms

  • Hematochezia (rectal bleeding)

  • Swelling of the affected area

Possible causes

  • Hemorrhoids (anal fissure)

    Hemorrhoids or piles, are swollen veins in the lowest part of your rectum (last part of the large intestine). It is a common condition which may be caused due to straining during bowel movements or sitting for long periods on the toilet.

  • Hemorrhoid

    Commonly known as piles, it is the swelling around the anal area where faeces is excreted from the body. These can be formed inside or outside of the anus. This is due to excessive straining or poor blood flow to the area, and can result in painless bleeding.

  • Anal pruritus

    This refers to itching over the skin around the anus, where faeces is passed.

  • Anal skin tag
  • Condyloma Acuminatum
  • Rectal prolapse
  • Anal fistula
  • Anal cancer

Related serious diseases

  • Perianal abscess

    A collection of pus near the anus. It happens more commonly in patients with diabetes, obesity, or certain conditions that cause gut ulcers.

Questions your doctor may ask about this symptom

Your doctor may ask these questions to check for this symptom

  • Do you have itching of the anal region?

  • Do you have loose stools or diarrhea?

  • Do you have itchy skin?

  • Do you have any skin problems?

  • Have you ever been diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes?

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Reviewed By:

Yoshinori Abe

Yoshinori Abe, MD (Internal medicine)

From our team of 50+ doctors

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