Symptoms of Abdomen / Groin / Stool

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Abdominal pain
Abdominal trauma
Anal itch
Black or tarry stool
Bloated stomach
Blood in stool
Change in stool color
Change in stool consistency
Change in stool smell
Constant hiccups
Decreased fetal movements
Early satiety
Epsiodes of labor-like pain
Excess abdominal fluid
Excessive burping
Excessive gas
Fecal incontinence
Green stool
Groin area redness
Groin pain
Groin swelling when standing up
Groin tenderness
Incomplete bowel emptying
Increasing contractions in pregnancy
Lump in stomach
Lump in the groin
Narrow or thinning stool
Nausea or vomiting
Pain from belly button to groin
Pulsating mass in stomach
Pus from the anus
Rectal bleeding
Stomach discomfort
Stomach growling
Swelling under the right lower ribs
Swelling under the right ribs
Swollen blood vessels on the belly
Throwing up blood
Upper left side of stomach swollen
White, pellet-like stools