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  • The back of the hand was stabbed by a jellyfish

  • The back of the hand was bitten by a mite

  • Got a bite from an animal

  • My face was scratched by an animal or insect

  • Mosquito bites on the epigastric region

  • Got bites from an animal

  • Jellyfish stings on the epigastric region

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Content updated on May 23, 2022

When to See a Doctor

Seek professional care if you experience any of the following symptoms

  • Swelling of the affected area

  • Dysphagia

  • Fever

  • Difficulty breathing / breathlessness

  • Fainting with loss of consciousness

  • Disorder of consciousness

  • Muscle weakness in the limbs

  • Seizure attack

Possible Causes

  • Caterpillar dermatitis

    Irritation and inflammation of the skin from "hairy" insects. Possible culprit insects include caterpillars, moths and butterflies.

  • Insect bite

    Irritation and inflammation of the skin, caused by mosquito bites, bee stings, and other insects.

  • Acute subdural hematoma

    Acute subdural hematoma is accumulation of blood between the brain and its outermost covering and can be a medical emergency. It’s usually caused by a head injury. Older Age, blood-thinning drugs and alcohol abuse can increase the risk.

  • Rabies
  • Splenic abscess

  • Savage disease

  • Spinal cord infarction

Related Serious Diseases

  • Anaphylaxis

    A severe allergic reaction that affects the whole body. It can be life-threatening due to low blood pressure and swelling of the airway (preventing breathing). Anaphylaxis can be triggered by many things including foods, insect stings, and medications.

  • Tetanus
  • Cellulitis / erysipelas

Questions your doctor may ask about this symptom

Your doctor may ask these questions to check for this symptom

  • Have you been bitten, scratched, stung by bugs (ex. bees) or animals (ex. dogs, cats, wild animals)

  • Were you get bitten or stung by an insect?

  • Have you been bitten or scratched by an animal?

  • Do you have a fever?

  • Is the affected area swollen?

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Sanshiro Kato

Medically Reviewed By:

Sanshiro Kato, MD

Emergency department

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