Symptoms of Face / Nose / Eyes

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Abnormal sense of smell
Backdrip of mucous into throat
Blocked ears
Blocked nose
Bloodshot eyes
Blurred vision
Bulging eyes
Can't move face
Cannot move eyes
Convulsions on the face
Drooping eyelids
Dry eyes
Expressionless face
Eye discharge or "gunk"
Eye fatigue
Eye pain
Eye redness
Eye swelling
Eyelids keep twitching
Eyes are more sunken than usual
Eyes cannot move outward and cross
Eyes tremble or shake
Face or mouth numbness
Facial flushing
Facial pain
Foreign object in the ear
Foreign object in the nose
Habit of frequent ear-touching
Habit of frequent nose-touching
Hard to focus my vision
Hit my eye
Itchy ears
Itchy eyes
Jaw swelling
Lump on the eyelid
Nose or gum bleeding
Nose pain
Numbness or abnormal sensation over face
Red patches in eyes
Red, itchy and painful eyes
Runny nose
Something went into my eye
Tearing from one eye
Too much or too little tears
Unequal pupils