Symptoms of Face / Nose / Eyes / Ears

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Bleeding from the nose
Blood vessels broken in eyes
Bloodshot eyes
Blurred vision
Bulging eyes
Clogged ears
Cross eyed
Disorders of eye movement
Draining from the ear
Drooping eyelids
Dry eye
Ear itch
Ear pain
Expressionless face
Eye booger
Eye injuries
Eye pain
Eye redness
Eye twitching
Eyes are itching
Face flushed
Face is twitching
Face or mouth numbness
Facial pain
Facial paralysis
Facial tingling
Foreign body in the ear
Foreign body in the eye
Hard to focus my vision
I can't smell
Involuntary eye movement
Jaw is swollen
Nasal foreign body
Nose pain
One eye watering
Post-nasal drip
Pupils different sizes
Red sore itchy eyes
Runny nose
Stuffy nose
Sunken eyes
Swollen eye
Tired eyes