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Learn more about Acute gastric volvulus

Content updated on Sep 20, 2022

What is acute gastric volvulus?

This is a medical emergency where the stomach abnormally twists around itself forming a loop. This can cause obstruction, bleeding and strangulation. It can occur when the structures around the stomach which help to hold it in place are unusually lax, or other structural abdominal abnormalities. It is most common in children and adults above 50 years of age.

Symptoms of acute gastric volvulus

  • Nausea or vomiting

  • Stomach feels bloated

  • Abdominal pain

  • Pain when pressing down on the abdomen

  • Loss of appetite

  • Dry Mouth

  • Decrease in urine volume

Questions your doctor may ask to check for acute gastric volvulus

Your doctor may ask these questions to diagnose acute gastric volvulus

  • Do you have nausea or vomiting?

  • Do you feel that your abdomen (stomach) is bloated or has a lot of gas?

  • Do you have abdominal pain (stomach ache)?

  • Do you feel severe pain when pressing on your abdomen (stomach)?

  • Do you have less or no appetite, therefore eat less food?

Treatment for acute gastric volvulus

Acute gastric volvulus requires immediate medical attention involving surgery to untwist the stomach and hold it in place. If surgery is not possible, other minimally invasive procedures may be performed to avoid complications.

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Medically Reviewed By:

Aiko Yoshioka

Aiko Yoshioka, MD


From our team of 50+ doctors

Just 3 minutes.
Developed by doctors.

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