Symptoms of Mouth / Teeth / Lips / Voice / Tongue

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Bad breath
Bleeding from gums
Bleeding gums when brushing
Bump on lip
Change in tooth color
Choking when eating
Cracked corners of the mouth
Deeper voice
Difficult to swallow
Difficulty opening mouth
Difficulty speaking
Difficulty speaking due to pain
Discolored tooth
Drooling from one side of the mouth
Dry mouth
Gum problems
Hurts to open mouth wide
Hurts to swallow
Itching inside mouth
Jaw claudication
Jaw pain
Jaw popping
Lip pain or itch
Lip sores
Low saliva production
Mouth sensitivity
Mouth ulcer
Mouthing objects
Pain in corner of mouth
Pimple in mouth
Red dots in the mouth
Red gums
Red lips
Sensitive teeth
Slow speech
Slurred speech
Sore mouth
Sore tongue
Swallowed a foreign body
Taste disorder
Tongue tied
Too painful to chew
Wedge-shaped tooth defect
White spots on the mouth surface or tongue
White spots on the tonsils
Whitish, curd-like substances in the tongue/mouth