Symptoms of Limbs / Feet / Hands / Toes / Fingers

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Achilles tendon pain
Ankle pain
Arm cramps
Arm is swollen
Arm numbness
Arm pain
Arm paralysis
Armpit pain
Bow legs
Calf cramp (Charley Horse)
Calf pain
Can't bend the knee
Crackling in joints
Elbow pain
Fine tremors in hands
Finger joint pain
Finger numbness
Fingers turn blue
Hand cramps
Hand or finger pain
Hand stiffness
Hands and feet are cold
Hands and feet became larger
Heel pain
Hot feet and hands
Hot swollen red joints
Involuntary movements of the legs
Involuntary muscle jerks
Joint bleeding
Joint pain
Joint stiffness
Joint that does not move
Knee pain
Leg or foot numbness
Limb pain
Limb spasms
Limb weakness
Morning stiffness in joints
Muscle pain
Muscle rigidity
Muscle tenderness in limbs
Pain in back of hand
Pain in top of foot
Pain on side of ankle
Pain over the soles of feet
Painful wrist
Palm hurts
Raynaud's phenomenon
Restless leg syndrome
Shin splints
Swollen toe
Thigh pain
Toe numbness or tingling
Toe pain
Varicose veins
Warm joints