Diseases for Pediatrics

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Acute gastric volvulus
Benign familial pemphigus (Hailey-Hailey disease)
Benign infantile spasm associated with mild gastroenteritis
Breath holding spells
Congenital biliary atresia
Elbow dislocation / nursemaid's elbow
Erythema infectiosum (Slapped cheek syndrome)
Familial short stature
Febrile seizure
Hair tourniquet
Infantile eczema
Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy (Jantz syndrome)
Kawasaki disease
Malabsorption syndrome / protein losing gastroenteropathy
Night terrors
Precocious puberty
Pyloric stenosis
Shaken baby syndrome (SBS)
Tuberous sclerosis
Turner syndrome
Urea cycle abnormality
Uterine hypoplasia
Viral bronchiolitis
West syndrome (infantile spasm)

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