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  • Can keep eating forever

  • Eat a lot these days

  • Eat so much recently

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Content updated on Sep 6, 2022

About the symptom

Increased appetite refers to an excess desire for food.

When to see a doctor

Seek professional care if you experience any of the following symptoms

  • Visual field defect

  • Altered mental status (delirium)

  • double vision

  • Recent weight loss

  • Disorder of consciousness

Possible causes

  • Anorexia nervosa / bulimia nervosa

    A condition where there is abnormal fear of gaining weight. Patients try to lose weight excessively through fasting, inducing vomiting, or excessive exercise.

  • Hyperthyroidism

    A disorder of an overactive thyroid gland. This causes overactivity of thyroid hormones that are needed for growth, development and metabolism. Causes include viral infections, brain disorders and autoimmunity (where the body's immune system attacks itself)

Related serious diseases

  • Brain tumor

    A brain tumor is a collection, or growth, of abnormal cells in your brain. They can be cancerous or non-cancerous. Cancerous brain tumors can begin either in the brain (primary tumor) or spread from another cancerous organ (secondary tumor). Primary brain tumors are caused when abnormal changes occur to the DNA of brain cells.

Questions your doctor may ask about this symptom

Your doctor may ask these questions to check for this symptom

  • Do you have increased appetite recently?

  • Do you have unintentional weight gain of more than 2 kgs in one month?

  • Are you experiencing mental stress or physical exhaustion?

  • Do you make yourself vomit intentionally?

  • Do you feel your heart is pounding?

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Reviewed By:

Unnati Patel

Unnati Patel, MD, MSc (GP / Family doctor)

Yoshinori Abe

Yoshinori Abe, MD (Internal medicine)

From our team of 50+ doctors

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Developed by doctors.

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