Symptoms for Dermatology

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Abnormal skin
Area of skin that is rough and hard
Bleeding in two or more nails such as red dots/lines
Bluish skin lumps or bumps
Bumps or lumps on the lips
Change in nail colour
Change in nail shape
Cracked corners of the mouth
Dark spots on skin
Dry skin
Fingernails or toenails appear white with "ground glass" appearance
Genital itch
Groin area redness
Hair loss
Insect or animal bites, scratches or stings
Lighter patches of skin
Lip pain or itch
Lip redness
Lip sores or erosions
Lots of grey or white hair
Lump under or around the nail
Lumps containing pus
Lumps under the skin
Male pattern body hair or deepening of voice
Mole with hair
Mole with increasing size
Moles on the skin and lining of the mouth
Nail pain
Nails turned green
Not sweating as much
Oral itch
Painful corners of the mouth
Painful red-purple bumps on fingers
Painless separation of the nail
Pimples / Acne
Purple rash
Red dots in the mouth
Red or yellow skin lumps
Red skin
Red spots on the skin
Redness in the affected area
Scalp hair became thin and soft
Scaly, flaky skin
Scars or marks from rash/wound
Skin Itching
Skin depressions or holes
Skin hardening
Skin is broken from scratching
Skin is moist, soft and breaking down
Skin sores or ulcers
Thick and rough skin
Thick, leathery skin
Thin skin that bruises easily
Vertical bleeding or red lines under the nails
White, cloudy and thickened nails