Symptoms for Neurology

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Arm paralysis
Becoming less responsive or less expressive
Blank out or stare into space for a few seconds
Blurred vision
Brain not functioning / Brain fog
Can't move face
Choking while eating
Convulsions on the face
Difficulty in walking
Difficulty sticking the tongue out
Difficulty writing out words
Double vision
Drooling from one side of the mouth
Drooping eyelids
Expressionless face
Eyelids keep twitching
Eyes cannot move outward and cross
Face or mouth numbness
Fine tremor of hands and fingers
Freezing while walking
Frequent falls
Hard to pronounce words
Hard to swallow food or water
Having trance like seizure
Hearing is more sensitive than usual
Involuntary movements of the legs
Involuntary muscle jerks
Irresistible urge to make small movements
Irritable or tremors after stopping alcohol
Leg or foot numbness
Lost interest in your surroundings (e.g. people, society)
Numb arm
Numb fingers
Numbness of chest, tummy or back
Numbness or abnormal sensation
Numbness or abnormal sensation over face
Pain in the left half of the body
Pain in the right half of the body
Pins and needles all over my body
Poor memory
Recent changes in mental state
Repetitive movements
Sleep during the day and awake at night
Slow Speech
Slow movements
Slurred speech
Spasms of limbs
Strange speech or behaviour
Stuck on a topic, repeating things
Toe numbness or tingling
Trembling of fingers or whole body
Unable to speak or using incorrect words
Uncomfortable sensation in legs when sleeping
Uncontrollable movements
Unusual behavior or actions when sleeping
Weakness in arms or legs