Neurology Symptoms

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Symptoms related to Neurology

Alteration in mental status
Arm numbness
Arm paralysis
Blank out or stare into space for a few seconds
Blurred vision
Brain fog
Choking when eating
Cross eyed
Decreased responsiveness
Difficult to swallow
Difficulty speaking
Difficulty walking
Difficulty writing
Double vision
Drooling from one side of the mouth
Drooping eyelids
Expressionless face
Eye twitching
Face is twitching
Face or mouth numbness
Facial paralysis
Facial tingling
Fine tremors in hands
Finger numbness
Freezing of gait
Frequent falls
Involuntary movements of the legs
Involuntary muscle jerks
Language disorder
Left sided body pain
Leg or foot numbness
Limb spasms
Limb weakness
Lost interest in people
Memory loss
Numbness of chest, tummy or back
Numbness or abnormal sensation
Pain in the right half of the body
Pins and needles all over my body
Repetitive movements
Restless leg syndrome
Sensitive to sound
Sleep during day awake at night
Slow movements
Slow speech
Slurred speech
Strange speech or behaviour
Stuck on a topic, repeating things
Symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol
Toe numbness or tingling
Tongue tied
Trance like seizure
Trembling of fingers or whole body
Uncontrollable movements
Unusual behavior or actions when sleeping