Symptoms for Psychiatry

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Accidental alcohol intake
Always nervous
Can't control drinking alcohol
Change in mood or alertness
Concentration is worsening
Constantly in fear of the next panic attack
Craving alcohol
Currently on antidepressants
Decrease in Ambition / Motivation
Difficulty gathering thoughts
Don't need to sleep
Dressing and behaviour have become sloppy
Drug abuse affecting social life and finances.
Drug abuse with loss of restraint
Drug withdrawal symptoms
Easily irritable
Elated mood
Excessive spending
Fear of germs
Fear of needles
Feel I am special or powerful
Feel like I need to keep talking
Feel like somebody is targeting me
Feel uncomfortable without alcohol
Feel uneasy and restless
Feeling detached from myself
Feeling disconnected from reality
Feeling down
Feeling extremely happy
Feeling more sensitive or irritable
Feelings of grief
Feelings of guilt
Feelings of hopelessness
Feelings of jealousy
Flashbacks or "blackouts" due to drug use
Flight of ideas
Frequent feelings of guilt or worthlessness
Frustration / Restlessness
Guilty about drug abuse
Hard to control drinking alcohol
Hard to cut down drug use
Hearing things
Hypomania or mania preceding a depressive episode
I couldn't understand what others were saying
Lack of inhibitions
Less interest or pleasure in activities
Libido (sex drive) is higher than usual
Loss of interest in hobbies or going out
Loss of self-confidence
Mental stress or exhaustion
Messy hair
Mixed manic and depressive features
Mood swings
More restless than usual affecting speech and actions
Multiple major life events
Number phobia
Obsessive and compulsive thoughts
Out-of-body experience
Performance anxiety
Persistent, repeated actions
Personality change
Problems associated with drug abuse
Racing thoughts
Repeated behaviors due to unwanted thoughts and fears
Self-harm / Wrist-cutting
Short tempered
Strange behaviour
Tend to do socially unacceptable things
Worried about body odor