Symptoms of Genital / Urine

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Abnormal period length or flow
Abnormal periods
Abnormal vaginal discharge
Bladder pain
Bleeding between menstrual cycles
Bleeding during or after sex
Blood in the semen
Bloody or red urine
Bumps or swellings around the vulva
Cloudy urine
Curd-like vaginal discharge
Decrease in urine volume
Difficulty getting pregnant
Feeling of urine remaining in my bladder
Feeling that something is coming out of the vagina
Foamy urine
Foul-smelling vaginal discharge
Frequent urination
Genital itch
Genital ulcers
Hard to get or keep erection
Increase in vaginal discharge
Itching of the penis
Itchy scrotum
Leak urine
Less urine with pain
Lump in the space between the genital and anus
Lump on the penis
Milky-white urine
Need to strain/exert to pass urine
Pain around the vulva or vagina
Pain at the start of urination
Pain during sex
Pain in the penis
Pain in the region between the scrotum and the anus
Pain in the space between the genital and anus
Pain when passing urine
Painful menstrual cramps
Pass urine at night
Pus from the urethra
Redness or swelling of the urethra
Scrotal or testicle pain
Sensation of water-breaking
Small stone came out when passing urine
Sudden need to pass urine
Swelling of the penis
Swollen scrotum or testicles
Symptoms occur at the start of the period
Testicles shrunk
Urethral itch or discomfort
Urine flow starts and stops
Urine stream is weaker than before
Urine with unusual smell
Very yellow urine
Visibly enlarged blood vessels on the scrotum