Symptoms of Genital / Urine

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Abnormal period
Abnormal vaginal discharge
Bladder pain
Bleeding after sexual intercourse
Bleeding between periods
Blood in the semen
Blood in urine
Bumps or swellings around the vulva
Cloudy urine
Dark yellow urine
Difficulty urinating
Excessive discharge
Foamy urine
Foul-smelling vaginal discharge
Frequent urination
Frequent urination at night
Intermittent urine flow
Irregular periods
Itchy penis
Itchy scrotum
Itchy urethra
Itchy vulva
Less urine with pain
Low urine output
Lump on the penis
Milky-white urine
Pain at the start of urination
Pain between scrotum and anus
Pain in the penis
Pain in the perineum
Painful intercourse
Painful urination
Pee smells funny
Penile swelling
Perineum lump
Period cramps
Premenstrual symptoms
Pubic pain
Pus in urethra
Redness or swelling of the urethra
Sensation of water-breaking
Small stone came out when passing urine
Small testes
Sore on genitals
Swollen testicles
Testicular pain
Thick white discharge
Urgent urination
Urinary retention
Urine incontinence
Uterus falling out
Vaginal pain
Visibly enlarged blood vessels on the scrotum
Weak urine stream