Symptoms of Other Parts

You can start symptom checker by selecting the symptom that is currently worrying you

Accidental alcohol intake
Affected area is swollen
Affected area is warm to touch
Becoming less responsive or less expressive
Blind spots or blind areas in vision
Blood in breastmilk
Blood pressure less than 80mmHg or "unrecordable" by machine
Bloodstains in mucous
Breast milk outside pregnancy or as a man
Breathing stops when I sleep
Buttock pain
Can't see in the dark
Child is developing slower than his or her peers
Child is speaking less
Cold sweats
Constantly in fear of the next panic attack
Deep pain
Difficulty buttoning clothes
Difficulty in walking
Difficulty standing up after sitting
Difficulty writing out words
Double vision
Dressing and behaviour have become sloppy
Early puberty
Eyes are sensitive to bright light
Eyesight is warped or distorted
Fall from a height of 1m or more
Feeling cold or shivering
Feeling faint
Freezing while walking
Frequent falls
Hearing difficulty
Hearing is more sensitive than usual
Heartbeat fast
High blood pressure
Hot flashes and sweating
Irregular pulse
Irresistible urge to make small movements
Irritable or tremors after stopping alcohol
Late or incomplete puberty
Libido (sex drive) is higher than usual
Loss of self-confidence
Low blood pressure
Low red blood cell count
Lower energy levels
Lowest recorded body temperature under 36℃
Male pattern body hair or deepening of voice
May have a fracture
Nasal voice
Need to change of clothes due to night sweats
Numbness or abnormal sensation
Pain in the left half of the body
Pain in the right half of the body
Pain over the anus
Pale looking
Pins and needles all over my body
Poor vision
Recent weight loss
Redness in the affected area
Repetitive movements
Seeing flashes of light
Self-harm / Wrist-cutting
Shorter than other children of similar age
Slow movements
Slow pulse
Swelling on any part of the body
Swollen lymph nodes
Tiny dots or objects in vision
Trembling of fingers or whole body
Uncontrollable movements
Unintentional weight gain
Unintentional weight loss
White or pale stools
Whole body pain
Worried about body odor